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Tuesday, October 27th 2020

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YXE." - Chris Myden

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[PROMO CODE] Westjet: 10% off flights (to any city) if you book with Mastercard - [expires: December 26]

Found this on the MasterCard site:


Promo code: MCH06

Coupon code: OFSKZQA

Note: You might want to copy and paste these into the Westjet.ca site. In the promo code it's a 'zero' and in the coupon code it's the letter 'O' so it can be tricky.

It's valid for travel between January 6 and March 31.

I think they are dynamically generated, so each code may only work once.

The first part stays the same...

Promo code: MCH06

But the second part changes whenever you load the Mastercard page above. Here's another one...

Coupon code: OFSKZQA

So if you're finding that the code doesn't work for you, try generating another Coupon code. It can be a little tricky to generate the Coupon code. I found I had to click 'Get It' and then click 'Copy', and then close the window, and then hit 'Get It' again. Kind of annoying. Eventually it does show the Coupon code though.

I'm also not sure if you *really* need to book with Mastercard after the code is applied on the Westjet site. The fine print says you do though!

As always, the latest promo codes are posted in the Promo Codes & 'Alleged' Seat Sales forum the moment they are released.

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Expedia.ca promo code - $300 off flight + hotel packages - ridiculous deals

UPDATE: I've just been informed this code works for flight + hotel packages to New York and Cancun too!

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[PROMO CODE] WestJet: 10% off from anywhere to anywhere - [expires: November 10]

WestJet just put out this code to celebrate the re-design of their new site. It's only valid for one day, until midnight tonight.

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Promo Code: WestJet: 10% off from anywhere to anywhere

This is an unadvertised promo code from WestJet that they released for people that submitted pictures of their halloween costumes, but it will work for anyone.

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